The REAL Beautiful Game

Finally, amid all of the turmoil with steroids, HGH, the Mitchell report and everything else, baseball is being played. I realize that it’s only spring training and full squad workouts do not begin for a few more days, but it’s still baseball. When I read yesterday that Johan Santana had already reported to Mets camp and was throwing I could not help but get excited. Not just because of baseball being played but because of what it all means. To me, spring training signifies new beginnings, when the pain of last year fades and hope springs eternal. I can smell the fresh cut grass, the leather and the glove oil. The simple crack of a bat and pop of a fastball in a catchers mitt are music to my ears. That feeling from 2006 is back for me. The Phillies, Braves and the rest of MLB are in trouble if the Mets are feeling it too.


Just a few quick notes:


Speaking of other teams, doesn’t it get a little irritating when their fans are so quick to throw a collapse or choke in your face? For instance, Phillies fans forget all of their lean years and especially 1993. Mitch Williams? Joe Carter ring a bell? Also, Braves fans will be quick to tell you about all of the NL East titles they won, but what they neglect to mention is how many times they choked in the post season and World Series. Anyway, do all of those division titles make up for the consecutive years of futility in Atlanta? I didn’t think so. Granted, the Mets have not always been a top tier team either, but I hope you see what I mean. Anyone can win at any time in baseball. There is a wonderful mixture of skill, strategy, science and even luck in every baseball game. Not taking anything away from soccer, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


Maybe this is wrong of me, but I took great pleasure in seeing Roger Clemens squirm yesterday. It must really suck to being used to be in control on a MLB mound to getting high, hard heat thrown at you from several congressmen. It was priceless, the “Rocket”, stuttering and using terms like “misremembered”, all the way down to the looks with murder in his heart towards Brian McNamee. Good thing that representative from Mitchell’s firm was there or we might have had a serious fist fight driven by ‘roid rage. Last note on this, who else finds Clemens attorney to be obnoxious? Something about that guy just bugs me.


Anyway, I look forward to see who else is reporting today. Maybe some position players will surprise us in Port St. Lucie. Of course Pedro could grace us with his presence too…

It’s time to go! Lets Go Mets!!! Have a great day everyone!

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