And Now For a Public Service Announcement…

One of the things I loved most about growing up in the 1980’s besides the Mets was the variety of different cartoons. Sandwiched in between school days and my nights watching Darryl and company were “GI Joe”,” M.A.S.K”, “Thundercats” and “He-Man”. As much as I loved each episode, I HATED the public service announcement(psa) at the end. I remember such gems as,”Don’t talk to strangers!”, “Buckle up!”, and “Stay away from strange animals!”

Surfing through YouTube led me to a few of them and I will include one for informational purposes here.


I got to thinking, what would I want to tell today’s Mets to help them have a strong, healthy and competitive season? Here are a couple I had…


For Duaner Sanchez: “Remember to buckle up during late night cab rides or you might hurt your shoulder and compromise the stability of the bullpen yet again.”


For Moises Alou: “Sit still…sit VERY still. Dang it! You got hurt anyway!”


Any ideas for more? I’d love to hear em’!


Did anyone else watch the Andy Pettitte train wreck…I mean press conference yesterday? I’m not a Skankee fan, but I don’t understand why everyone is so intent on him actually saying that he cheated. He admitted he did it, he can rationalize all he wants by saying it was to heal faster. Sorry buddy, if you are getting an edge others aren’t then it IS cheating, whether you say it or not. His first clue should have been when he took something that was meant to help his sick dad. Or maybe when Brian McNamee injected him instead of a physician? I have been around doctors my whole life and have never met one who would inject you with whatever you brought into his office. The shadiness of it all should have clued him in.


At any rate, I wonder if all of this attention being focused on the Bronx helps the Mets. I’m glad the steroid and HGH circus isn’t coming to Queens…at least I hope not. I can’t wait for some games to start already! Once the boys report to camp I become insatiable! I need to see that #57 whiff some clueless rookies! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!