Mets Offseason – Any Slower And We’d Be Backing Up

In the interest of breaking up the monotony of the Johan Santana saga, I sat down and tried to think of some positive things about our 2008 Mets. That being said, I love a good commercial. As a matter of fact, most people only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. So here are just a couple of product pitch ideas some of our favorite Mets (and maybe Met) to make themselves some extra money with. (Like it was really needed!)

David Wright for TAG body sprays…because I’m sure he has a REALLY tough time with the ladies.

Johan Santana for Heinz ketchup…we’ll call it Johan 57 Sauce. $150 million reasons why you’ll love it!


Moises Alou for Boniva…enough said.


Carlos Delgado for Trojan…”Because having kids makes you have awful statistical seasons.”


Aaron Heilman for Kleenex tissues…”*sniff* I want to be in the rotation!”


If you have any ideas throw em’ out there too!


I really can’t wait for baseball season to start. The Hot Stove barely has a flicker under the old greasy pan of unfounded rumors.


A friend recently asked me who I considered the best pitchers in the league since 1990. There are only several pitchers from that era besides Mets I remember, and they are either infamous for stinking it up or ones I hated because they owned the Mets. Here are a few of them.


John Smiley & Zane Smith- Two Pirates lefties that mowed through the Mets lefty heavy lineup.


Andy Hawkins- What Mets fan among us wouldn’t want to see a Yankee throw a no hitter and lose?


Frank Viola- Nasty circle change, too bad he was pretty much done when he got to NY.


Anthony Young- Any Mets fan from that era cringes at the mention of his name.


Pete Smith- We actually made a trade with the Braves for THIS guy?

I’m sure there are more that fit the description but those are ones that stick out to me. Please feel free to add your favorite stomach churning hurlers (No pun intended) to this list! Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!

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