I Can’t Wait To Bite Into A $6 Dollar Hot Dog Again

Happy Friday everybody! I hope everyone has had a productive and exciting week! Forgive my excitement folks, being a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting makes me do it.  I’m almost as jumpy as Robin Williams after 12 lattes, thinking about it. The fresh air, green grass, sound of bats cracking and leather popping, the taste of $6.00 Hot Dogs and knishes and sweltering heat all bring back the days of my youth. Not a moment too soon either… The start of Spring Training brings with it a sense of newness, even more so to the baseball fan. Winter quickly becomes stagnant when baseball is your passion.

Has anyone else noticed how defeated and sad Bud Selig and Donald Fehr looked before that congressional committee? I just wish they would have done something when they were aware of the problem instead of lining their pockets and THEN vilifying the ones who used. Really the only satisfaction I get out of the whole mess is seeing Roger Clemens squirm and suggesting the 2000 World Series Championship Trophy should have a huge asterisk on it…

Congratulations to Mr. Met for being named # 3 in the "Worlds Most Popular Mascot" survey, as seen on ESPN yesterday morning.  He should have been number one, but the Philly Phanatic was obviously using that weird snout of his to “green nose” his way to the top. I believe those weird cannibalistic bratwurst things were in the top ten too. In case you aren’t familiar, check out this old SportsCenter commercial. 

Being away from NY has shown me how unappreciative of its’ winter weather people in Alabama are. I woke up to a nurse screaming that it was sleeting outside only to find that the roads were wet. Apparently this sort of thing closes schools and causes a milk and bread shortage, as well as wide spread panic. “If they only knew..” , is all I can say to that. I look forward to coming home to REAL pizza, thick subs and most of all my beloved Mets.

Looks like the roster is pretty much set for this year too.  I think Omar has pulled out all of the stops to try and land a front line starter. It isn’t his fault the Twins and Orioles wanted to pillage the farm system. Who knows? Things can certainly change in a month. Somebody could cave, but it’s unlikely in my estimation. Until then I think I might grab a long winter’s nap! Have a great day everyone!

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