Winter Meetings Finally Over, We Can All Exhale Now

What a bummer. You wait all off season for the Winter Meetings to begin… you build up all this energy and excitement… and then what do you get? Nothing… Zero… Nada…

In the meantime, we were bombarded with one outlandish rumor after another which were composed of 10% truth and 90% cow dung. For almost four days major league GM’s huddled in Nashville and after all was said and done we got one blockbuster trade and a whole lot of hot air.

I might be throwing out any last remaining hint of professionalism I may have had by doing what I am about to do, but it wouldn’t be the first time I threw caution to the wind. As a lasting tribute and as a holiday gift to Omar and his entourage, I give you this reworded Christmas classic which reads to the tune of "O Come, All Ye Faithful".

O come ye, Mets faithful, there’s no joy in Flushing,
No pennants or trophies, only bad memories.

Some of us told him, but he never heard our calls.
Omar we need a pitcher, Omar we need a stopper,
Omar we need a guy, who can pitch from the pen.

Now last year’s over, time for us to start anew.
Omar, is heading for the big meet out west.

Maybe he heard us, and comes back with gifts for thee.
Hey, maybe it is Haren. Or maybe it is Blanton.
Or maybe it is Johan, what joy there will be.

The Meetings are over, we are waiting anxiously,
All of our prospects couldn’t buy us a Wii.

Poor Lastings Milledge, swapped him for a pair of cleats,
Will Reyes come back smiling? Will Pedro come out firing?
Will Omar ever get us, the pitcher we need..

There you have it. I have thrown away an aspiring career in journalism… Alas, how the mighty have fallen… I beg all of you to forgive me this one transgression. It was all I could do after being subjected to a night of Christmas music, while leaving me alone in the kitchen with paper and pen.
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