Omar-Stiltzkin Strikes Again

Last night at 2:30 am the New York Mets reached an agreement with the Minnesota Twins for ace lefty Johan Santana. The Twins reportedly will receive the Mets minor league affiliate in New Orleans, Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Al Harazins’ soul in this blockbuster deal. The Mets have reached an impasse in discussions for Orioles stud Erik Bedard, as the package of Billy Wagner, Mike Pelfrey, Carlos Gomez and David Wrights’ firstborn son were not enough to sway O’s  G.M. Andy McPhail and owner Peter Angelos. A reliable source has stated that he knows a guy ,who knows a guy ,who knows Mr. Angelos, and says that the Mets do not have to give up D-Wrights firstborn if they can guess Mr. Angelos’ real name. Andy McPhail did not return calls for comment, but probably because he was as slow getting to his phone as he is making decisions.

I hope this little blurb made you chuckle. It seems in this past week things have been getting a little tense around Mets-land. I remember actually enjoying the off season in my youth, but with all of the new rumors swirling around the build up is so much greater and that makes the let downs that much worse. The internet is wonderful, but it’s like the Wall Street Journal and the National Enquirer meshed together. You have to be careful what you choose to take seriously. Hopefully the Mets will make a great move this off season, especially one without giving up Reyes or Wright. I just wanted to suggest we start relaxing and enjoying this fine holiday season. Come 2008, I will still be a Mets fan…even if Johan Santana, Dan Haren or Erik Bedard are not lucky enough to be Mets.  I hope everyone has a great day! Chin up…at least we aren’t the Marlins!

This just in: The Yankees resign David Wells to a one year deal worth a box of stale donuts and a six pack of Coors light. In retaliation, the Red Sox have announced that Roger Clemens has agreed to maybe-possibly- think about delaying retirement to pitch for them sometime in 2008…depending how late he can be and get away with it. Sources say a possible deal hinges on Clemens only traveling from dugout to mound, so he can be closer to his cushy clubhouse chair and locker room suite. Stay tuned for details!