From The Orange Seats – Oh, We Need Pitching..

Sitting at my desk, I pondered over the Milledge exile. Well, I wasn’t excited about it at first. Actually, I’m still not excited about it. But, much like the Professor X trade, I guess we’re all going to have to move on. Then, I thought of something. We currently have three catchers, one of them is most likely gonna go. Sorry Estrada, but I don’t see you as a Met anymore. So, how do we turn three catchers into one pitcher? Ah, I don’t know for sure, but I can tell you one thing… Whatever happens between now and March better be good and it better involve a pitcher, nonetheless.

I’m gonna name a couple arms that might interest you Mets fans: Johan Santana, Dan Haren, Joe Blanton, Eric Bedard, Livan Hernandez, Carlos Silva, and Dontrelle Willis. Out of those seven names, I seriously think three of them can make the team without much trouble. Yeah, those are the obvious names, but still. Silva, Livan, and Willis can be a Met tomorrow for all I care. But for Johan, Haren, Blanton, and Bedard, we’re gonna have to give up arms, and plenty of them. However, this past week, everyone has been talking about Johan this, Johan that. Those people forgot that there are other pitchers can also help the team.

Dontrelle Willis pretty much had the worst season he can have. It was ugly, disappointing, and abysmal. The reason being… he changed his mechanics, big time. If he can only get back to his old mechanics, the crazy herky-jerky style, he’ll hopefully go back to his All-Star form. But that’s if, he can go back. Ha, "Jacket" said he can fix anybody, can he fix Dontrelle? Maybe, but that’s a big maybe.

Johan Santana is currently more popular than Christmas when it comes to NY sports. Everytime you turn on a sports report, the first thing you hear is Johan. Now with news coming out that the Yankees are willing to send Hughes, Kennedy, and even Cano, it seems like Johan’s future will be spent in the big city. Again, that’s a maybe.

Dan Haren is the man I want. He’s cheap, he’s durable, and he knows how to pitch. The starter for the AL All Star team last season, he can be a great addition for the Mets. I’ve been hearing that the A’s want Carlos Gomez and a few arms like Humber, Heilman, or Mulvey. Whatever it is, I’m willing to do it, as long as we get Kiko Calero in the deal too. That’s also a maybe.

Eric Bedard and former Met Chad Bradford are also worth talking about. Bedard had a great ’07 season along with a few nods for that Cy Young award before he got hurt in September. The Mets need a bullpen arm, and yeah, Chad Bradford can come back and help the Mets. Oh yeah, that’s also a maybe.

The players the Mets want are all attainable, well maybe not Johan, but most of them are reasonable to get. If Omar can push the right buttons during Winter Meetings, hey maybe we can get a #1 starter before Christmas. Maybe Omar can wrap it up for our Christmas present! Now, I’m just dreaming now, but who knows. Maybe that #1 starter can be a life changer for the Mets. Maybe that #1 starter can win us a championship.

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