David Wright Should Be Named Captain In 2008

We all know that one day in the near future David Wright will be named captain of the New York Mets. It may be in two years or it may even take three years, but it’s going to happen.

I think it should happen now… maybe in spring training before the team heads up north to embark on the new season.

It’s not that I want to rush the process, but after a disastrous end to last season and an off-season that has yet to fire up the fans, this team needs something to rally around, and naming David Wright our captain and emotional leader will bring joy to the masses.

His work ethic is unquestioned and he continues to improve year after year as a ballplayer. In the past the Mets have always chosen captains who were past their prime and I think it’s time we finally name a captain who can lead both on and off the field. By naming David Wright captain, we give him the respect that he so richly deserves.

His stats speak for themselves and his 30/30 season last year is just a small glimpse of what is yet to come. He will not cost the Wilpons any additional money and we do not have to give up any prospects to get this team the leader it so desperately needs.

We all know that Willie Randolph is not the on-field, vocal leader we need, and he readily admits it. Paul Lo Duca tried to do it, but most of the team never took him seriously. David Wright however, will succeed where Randolph and Lo Duca could not, and is the perfect man for the job.

Unlike many of the other Mets… win or lose, David Wright stood tall and faced the media each and every day. He remained optimistic right down to the last day of the season even though the weight of what was happening could be seen in his eyes. He feels what we feel. He is a role model for the young and an inspiration for us all.

The Mets desperately need some positive vibes. Naming Wright captain will do just that. It may be just the spark this team needs to feel good about themselves once again.

The Mets have an opportunity do something really good and really positive for the team. They have an opportunity to erase the bad memories of last season. I urge Omar and Willie to consider all the positives of such an action and follow their hearts.

We all know he is ready, so why wait?

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