Are You Ready For Two Weeks Of Mets/Blanton Rumors?

It has already begun. With the speculation that the Oakland A’s may look to trade Joe Blanton, the rumors connecting him to the Mets have already begun.

Mind you, there is nothing but the flimsiest of speculation to these rumors and yet some sites are running with it as if it’s a revelation from above. I personally am tired of hearing about everyone’s Mets sources and insider information and what not. On so many occasions I was led to believe the Mets had the inside track on Johan Santana, or that the Mets were closing in on him. It was all a bunch of garbage.

Soon after the Santana debacle we were inundated with about a hundred different blogs about the Mets and Erik Bedard… Do I need to remind you how all of those rumors ended up?

This morning I was treated to the first of what I’m sure will be dozens of posts about the Mets being favorites to land Joe Blanton. Of course, after checking out the viability of these claims, the closest thing I found to such a reference, was just some speculation from a Seattle Mariners beat writer who felt that the Mariners shouldn’t waste their time because the A’s will probably trade him to the National League if he’s available. "IF HE’S AVAILABLE" & "PROBABLY TRADE HIM TO THE NATIONAL LEAGUE"

From those vague utterings, we will soon have blogs who’s sources tell them the A’s and Mets are exchanging offers for a potential deal…. then Sweeney Murti will go on WFAN and report that the Mets are on the verge of acquiring Joe Blanton…  The next day Billy Beane and Omar Minaya will issue statements saying that there is no truth to the rumors and in fact have not spoken to each other since October. It’s hilarious, really. I guess bloggers need something to blog about, so there ya go…

I miss the good old days when blogging meant talking about a report or issue and then commenting on it and adding your own two cents.

Now it’s become a circus…

Breaking News: Site A is reporting that Site B is reporting that Site C is reporting that Omar Minaya was observed dialing a phone number with an Oakland, CA Area Code. This is undeniable proof that the Mets are about to land A’s right hander Joe Blanton. Hat tip to Site D!

Gimme a break guys…

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