You Can’t Have It Both Ways: You Want To Win Now, Or Wait 5 Years Until The Kids Are Ready?

I find it absolutely amusing each time I read some of the comments from our readers…

On one side you have the slow and steady crowd. They are the ones who want no part of trades for guys like Johan Santana or Jake Peavy. They also like to keep the Mets from spending all of their profits as well. The people in this crowd would turn 27 shades of blue before handing Alex Rodriguez $300 million dollars, or Albert Pujols $250 million dollars. Slow and steady… Carlos Gomez is going to be a star… Lastings Milledge is a stud… Slow and steady… Mike Pelfrey and Philip Humber will be the top pitchers in the game one day… Mets prospects are the best, this I know, because the Mets have told me so… We are Mets’ management’s favorite fans… No rush, we’ll wait for how long it takes to win a World Series….

Now you have the other side of Mets fandom, the "Dark Side" if you will. They have a totally different mindset. "Screw Mike Pelfrey", they scream, "I want to win now!" When a guy like Johan Santana comes along you don’t think, YOU DO! They have no problems moving four players for one player if they think that player is a difference maker. I want to win right now… Sign A-Rod and move Wright to first base… I want to win right now… Screw the (fill in the blank)…

You will even find these same battle lines drawn in the sand between our writers too. Which is totally okay with me, after all we are the Fair and Balanced Mets Network.

So where do you stand on the current Mets issues?

Do you just want to stand pat let the kids Pelfrey and Humber pitch the entire season no matter where we finish in the standings, no matter if their ERA’s are over 5.00 again?


Screw that plan! Let’s go after Dan Haren, Johan Santana, Jake Peavy, anybody! Damn whatever it costs, give them who ever they want!

Or, are you somewhere in between? It’s amazing how willing Mets fans are to debate themselves so passionately with each side thinking the other is completely out of touch. That’s the beauty of being a Mets fan. With Yankees fans it’s different. They have no problem with throwing money and prospects at every problem.  They are all in agreement. All they argue about is which stars the team should target.

With Mets fans, it’s never that easy…

Where do I stand, definitely in the middle. I wanted no part of A-Rod, but I would easily give up Carlos Gomez, Aaron heilman and Mike Pelfrey for Johan Santana and his 5-year $100 million dollar price tag.

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