Where’s The Yankee Roast?

On Thanksgiving Day, Wallace Matthews basically wrote an article just for the sake of bashing the Mets. He could have probably gotten away with that since Newsday is based in New York. Outside of the state of New York, I assure you, Wallace Matthews would be without a job. There’s a fine line in journalism that should never be crossed. Ever. The Miami Dolphins are 0-10 (soon to be 0-11), but not one Florida newspaper has written an article like Matthews did.

Okay, we know the Mets collapsed. We know it’s the worst September collapse in baseball. We don’t need you to remind us, Wallace Matthews. We don’t need you to remind us that our team sucked in September, Wallace Matthews. We don’t need you to remind us that we couldn’t beat our own division, Wallace Matthews. And FYI, we like Johnny Estrada, even if he never plays a game in a Mets uniform; he’s the reason Mota is gone. And we will forever be grateful to Johnny Estrada.

I only have one question for Wallace Matthews: where’s your Yankee bash? Where is it? Oh, I forgot. The Yankees are too precious and beloved to be bashed. The Yankees have never done anybody wrong. Ever. Where’s the article bashing those two idiots that George Steinbrenner now has running his team? What about A-Rod, who can’t hit the ball in October? And what’s the deal with Derek Jeter? The Yankees did not do that much better than the Mets. They haven’t even been to the World Series since they got A-Rod.

Personally, this article offended me not only because it was very anti-Mets, but also because my personal dream is to write for Newsday. Wallace Matthews, just come out and say you’re a band-wagoner. The Mets are Amazin’. At least the real fans can say they were there when they sucked. We will always love those guys, win or lose. We always believe in that Mets magic, even if you don’t, Mr. Matthews.

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