So, How Good Are These Mets Prospects?

John Sickels is considered to be one of the best minor league analysts in the business and each year fans and MLB insiders await his highly regarded Baseball Prospect Book. John was nice enough to share his 2008 Mets Prospect List on his site, Minor League ball.

  1. Fernando Martinez, OF, Grade B+
  2. Deolis Guerra, RHP, Grade B+
  3. Carlos Gomez, OF, Grade B (undecided, may raise to B+. You guys are right about the injuries, but you also need to be more wary of Mets propaganda.)
  4. Kevin Mulvey, RHP, Grade B (may raise to B+)
  5. Jon Niese, LHP, Grade B
  6. Eddie Kunz, RHP, Grade B
  7. Phil Humber, RHP, Grade B-
  8. Brant Rustich, RHP, Grade B-
  9. Joe Smith, RHP, Grade B-
  10. Nick Evans, 1B, Grade C+
  11. Stephen Clyne, RHP, Grade C+
  12. Scott Moviel, RHP, Grade C+
  13. Brahiam Maldonado, OF, Grade C+ (deserves more respect)
  14. Nate Vinyard, LHP, Grade C (although I like him)
  15. Robert Parnell, RHP, Grade C
  16. Mike Carp, 1B, Grade C
  17. Hector Pellot, 2B, Grade C
  18. Dan Murphy, 3B, Grade C
  19. Ezequiel Carrera, OF, Grade C
  20. Greg Veloz, 2B, Grade C

If some of you are wondering where all the A’s are, you should know that John is known for not handing out an "A" too easily. In his words, only an elite ans superior talent is worthy of an A.

He also shared his analysis on Carlos Gomez on his site.

I don’t like the way the Mets have handled their prospects lately. Carlos Gomez was badly, BADLY rushed, and they have pushed Fernando Martinez and Deolis Guerra much too quickly in my opinion. Carlos Gomez had no business in the majors last year. He’s a remarkable athlete with plus speed, a great glove, and offensive potential. But his bat is unrefined. His plate discipline is poor, his power is undeveloped, and he needs regular playing time get his swing in gear and work these issues out. Regular playing time in Double-A and Triple-A, not in the majors. Sticking him in the regular lineup in ’08, like the Mets are talking about, is a huge risk for his long-term development, and an unnecessary one.

I agree that Gomez was rushed to the majors much sooner than was necessary. Many a great prospect had his career fizzle away because he was forced to the majors before he was ready. Gomez was clearly over-matched at the plate, when he did make contact, the balls hardly made it out of the infield. If he has any developing power, he clearly didn’t show it.

Philip Humber fell out of the top three and is now only considered the Mets’ seventh best prospect. Mike Carp has dropped to sixteenth. Last year’s relief prospects Carlos Muniz and Willie Collazo and Lino Urdanetta, didn’t even make the top 20. Ouch!

That’s why I never think twice about trading potential for a sure thing.

I remember when Paul Wilson, Jason Isringhausen and Bill Pulsipher were all untouchable. Years later they were all gone, and all the Mets got was a bag of donuts.

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