Omar Minaya Not Going Down Without A Fight!

Say what you will about the non-moves the Mets have made so far this season. We are inundated with hundreds of rumors about the Yankees, Dodgers and Angels making a move for Johan Santana. Countless rumors about pitchers Erik Bedard, Dan Haren Dontrelle Willis and even Scott Kazmir.

Most everyone seems to think the Yankees are a lock, simply because Hank Steinbrenner leaked some details of their negotiations to the media. He lit a fire that is now raging out of control, and in the process left Mets fans wondering…

Why isn’t Omar Minaya talking to Minnesota? Or Baltimore? Or even the Oakland A’s?

That’s the difference between a professional general manager like Omar Minaya, and a non-baseball guy like Hank Steinbrenner. Minaya knows his craft and is very good at it. He operates in stealth mode because he knows that loose lips sink ships… and sink potential deals too.

There was not one sportswriter or analysts who could have predicted that the Mets would trade Guillermo Mota for Johnny Estrada. Not even a hint of a rumor existed. Then to shock of many, Guillermo Mota was banished without even some cash to go with him.

The fact of the matter is that the Mets have already spoken to the Twins, long before the Yankees blurted out their news and showed all their cards. The truth is that Omar may have an ace in the hole. This morning on ESPN radio, Andrew Marchand cited a major league executive who revealed that Twins GM Bill Smith has had talks with Omar Minaya regarding Johan Santana. "Don’t count the Mets out" he said.

It would be great to see Santana pitch at Shea this season and another five years in the new Citi Field. But, if it doesn’t come to pass, there are still some great options out there, and word has it that Omar is in the mix for pitchers Dan Haren or Erik Bedard.

David Lennon of Newsday had an interesting article today in which he looks closely at the Mets  possibly going Dan Haren and possibly even Joe Blanton. Either of them would be a tremendous boost for the rotation.

Next week at this time, it will be an exciting time for Mets fans who have been waiting anxiously for wheeling and dealing to begin.

By the way, it now looks like the Yankees negotiations with the Twins have hit a snag. (That’s what happens when they pop the cork before sealing the deal!)

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