Mets Hot Stove: The Suspense is Overwhelming…

the turkey has finally been picked to the bone… The annoying relatives have left until next year, dishes have been done and everyone is thankful Uncle Ralph remembered his Beano.

It’s true folks, Thanksgiving is over and the nightmare that is Christmas shopping has begun. However, this being MetsMerized and me being a Mets fanatic, the only shopping I want to think about is what Omar is putting in the Mets basket. So far all we’ve seen is some Methuselah-esque veteran’s return and Johnny Estrada displace our beloved “Crazy Eyes” Lo Duca. Granted, I know we are all thankful for Guillermo Mota leaving town, but I still can’t seem to get excited about next year. Aside from my planned trip home to NY to see Shea one last time, what do I have to look forward to in Flushing? Freddy Garcia? Carlos Silva?

I understand the groundwork for trades has been laid prior to the Winter Meetings next month, but I want results NOW! Forgive my sense of entitlement friends, but after last years nightmare I’m sure you can all identify with me. Mets fans are some of the most forgiving and long suffering fans in the game. Give us something to be revved up about 2008 Omar! Johan, Bedard, Haren, Blanton, Grumpy or even Dopey! I want to feel like I did the day I saw Pedro signed with the Mets or even when I was late for dialysis just to see Beltran’s’ press conference. Anything Omar…maybe even a Luis Castillo bobble head day. Anyone else riding on what I’m paving?

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