Could the Mets Steal Johan Santana?

The Yankees and the Twins have begun talks about a trade that could send Johan Santana to the Bronx. The Yankees would have to give up one of their "Big Three" pitchers-Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy, or Philip Hughes. Other teams, including the Mets, have also expressed interest in Santana.

The New York Post’s Mark Hale reports that the Mets have an interest in Santana, even if the Wilpons haven’t openly expressed it. The deal would not include Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, or David Wright and the Mets would want a 72-hour negoitiation window. A deal involving Carlos Gomez may work out now that Torii Hunter has signed with the Angels. The Twins’ need for a solid outfielder is certainly as great as our need for pitching. However, I don’t see the Mets parting with Gomez so easily, even for Johan Santana. Personally, anybody that they say is faster than Jose Reyes is somebody I want on my team.

I don’t see Johan Santana as a Met…this year. When Santana’s contract expires in 2008, I could see the Mets being major players. With the money from Citi Field, it certainly wouldn’t be a problem paying for him. If we need to trade for a starting pitcher, we should call up the Athletics and talk about Dan Haren or Joe Blanton. Even acquiring Eric Bedard from the Orioles would be more realistic, even though I don’t see the Orioles trading their only player that is worth a second look. We need pitching; Omar needs to wait for the right deal and he is doing the right thing by not dealing out prospects left and right. 

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