Andy Pettite Implicated With 10 Other Free Agents In Mitchell Steroids Report

The Boston Globe is reporting that 11 current free agents have been notified that they were implicated in the soon to be released Mitchell Report.

Player agents who attended yesterday’s union meeting in New York were told that 11 current free agent players are named in the George Mitchell report on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, which could come out sometime around the first of the year, and that all 11 players have been notified by the Mitchell Commission’s office. Two agents who were there confirmed this today.

I also just read this on Deadspin:

And not in a good way. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Clemens, his good pal Andy Pettitte, and Miguel Tejada were among those accused of using performance-enhancers in the Jason Grimsley affidavit. Brian Roberts and Jay Gibbons, too. So much for Clemens getting through his career without ever being officially linked to performance-enhancers.

The Times says they got access to a non-redacted version of the document in which former Arizona Diamondback Jason Grimsley identified Major League Baseball players who used drugs. Grimsley, according to them, told investigators that Clemens and Pettitte used "athletic performance-enhancing drugs," (which could be anything, really) while Tejada, Brian Roberts, and Jay Gibbons "took anabolic steroids." 

We all knew this was coming, but I just never imagined Andy Pettite would be implicated in this mess. I always thought he was an honest stand-up guy, and I hope it’s not true. Of course, I as well as many others, felt that Clemens may have had some roids in his past.

I don’t what good will come from delaying the release of this report until 2008. You would think they would want to just get all of this ugliness past them.

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