20,000 Mets Fans Can’t Be Wrong!


Before Mets Merized, there was Mr. Met on Myspace, and today we are proud to say that we have now eclipsed 20,000 friends. WOW!

We want to thank the thousands and thousands of Mets fans from all over the country for making this site and our partner sites on Myspace what they are today!

So as a special treat, we have chosen one of our most special friends on Myspace to share her latest blog entry with us. Jessica is from Fort Myers, Florida, and she is one of the best Mets fans I know!


Setting: Omar Minaya’s office at Shea Stadium. Omar sits at his desk. He seems disturbed, as if somethings on his mind. This may be how he looks when he’s about to do something good for the team. There is a knock at the door.

Omar: "Come in."

Enter Guillermo Mota, 33-year-old relief pitcher for the Mets. Guillermo seems nervous, almost as if he was being caught with a syringe in his arm. He shakes Omar’s hand, and Omar gestures for him to sit down. Guillermo obliges.

Omar: "Guillermo, next season, we’re really making it a top priority to actually make it to the World Series this year. When I think of why we lost the NLCS…."

Guillermo: "You think of that home run that Heilman let off."

Omar: "No. I think of Game 2, when Lo Duca told you to throw one pitch and you completely ignored him and threw what you felt like throwing. When I think of why we lost this year, I think of….."

Guillermo: "Our inability to beat the NL East? Glavine letting off 7 runs and only recording one out?"

Omar: "No…well, yes, but more importantly, I think of your inability to hold a lead, no matter how large, and I also think of your inability to maintain a tie. I think of how the only time you shine is when we’re already down. Damn, Willie sucks for putting you in all this time."

Guillermo: "So, what are you saying?"

Omar: "Guillermo, you suck. We’re releasing you from your contract effective immediately."

Guillermo: "Are you f***ing serious? I don’t suck! I just need steroids!"

Omar: "I’ve gotten more letters expressing hatred for you than letters proposing marriage to David. Actually, it’s scary that some of those letters are from guys."

Guillermo: "Fine! I don’t need you guys then!"

Exit Guillermo Mota. It is the last time he will ever be in Shea Stadium. A week later, he gets a deal with the Kansas City Royals. And the Royals still suck. Back at Shea, Willie Randolph, the manager who will forever be known for choking, goes into Omar Minaya’s office.

Willie: "Omar, Guillermo just told me you released him."

Omar (proudly): "Yup."

Willie breaks down and starts crying. He leans on Omar’s shoulder for support.

Willie: "I wish I knew how to quit him! He would have come through; we should have given him another chance!"

Omar: "Uh, no we shouldn’t have. We’ve lined up a solid bullpen for you; it’s your responsibility to let the starters go more than five or six innings. Do you realize we only had one complete game this year? And that was only because Glav got rained out!"

Willie: "Yeah, I guess you’re right."

Willie wipes away his tears just as David Wright walks into Omar’s office.

David: "Hey Omar, I just came to get my marriage proposals, I mean fan mail. What’s wrong with Willie?"

Omar: "We just released Mota."

David: "Are you serious? THANK GOD!"

Omar: "And David?"

David: "Yeah."

Omar: "We didn’t get A-Rod. The Cubs signed him; they’re announcing the deal tomorrow. So you still have you job."

David thanks Omar and takes his fan mail. David does a hop, skip, and a jump and walks out of the room in a jubilant mood.

David (echo from the hallway): "Jose! We’re going to celebrate! I still have my job!"

Willie and Omar smile at David’s happiness. All is calm in Mets Nation…for now.

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