Some Off Season Musings

Since the Mets are no longer in the hunt for anything but a good golf course or restaurant this postseason (OUCH!), Mets related topics to write about are becoming scarce. In light of this situation I figured I would just muse about several topics in Major League baseball.

First off the bat is one of the few relevant Mets topics so far this off season…the possible hiring of Texas hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. Many of us remember that Rudy was one of the top three candidates for the Mets managerial position until Omar decided on Willie Randolph. Could it be that Willies’ seat is getting a little warm? Of course it is all speculation because he is still under contract with the Rangers and the Wilpons’ have not reached their limit of patience with Willie.

Second on my list is the very recent departure of Joe Torre as Yankee manager. Of course toeverybody outside of the Yankee organization this was no surprise. We all knew he was gone. What seemed ironic to me is the Yankees, who consider themselves the epitome of a classy organization, insulted him with an incentive laden one year deal. Here’s a guy that won you 4 World Series and you drop him like a bad habit? How quickly Steinbrenner has forgotten the days of Stump Merrill and Dallas Green (Who was also a nightmare for the Mets.). Don’t get me wrong, I would never want Torre anywhere near Shea/Citi field in any capacity, but I still kinda feel for the guy. Although because he IS a Yankee…I just can’t reach.

Lastly, George Mitchell’s “Roid” report will be coming out in December and some big names are said to be mentioned in it. Sadly, I don’t think it will contain too many surprises other than the usual suspects. For instance, names like McGwire, Canseco and “Finger-pointing” Palmeiro will certainly be in it. Anybody wanna bet Brady”90210 Sideburns” Andersons’ name is floating around in it somewhere?

That’s it for me today…David Wright for 2007 MVP!

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