Losing Makes Me Snippy

Well, here we go, another fall and winter filled with free agents and trade rumors. Granted, part of me always enjoys the off season. Who is going where? Why and for how much?

Let me just say that losing that 7 game lead hurt almost as badly as that Yadier Molina home run in the NLCS last year. Jimmy Rollins in my opinion was wrong. The Phillies weren’t the team to beat, the Mets allowed them to stay in the race with an organizational,” We’ll be okay.” attitude and standing pat at the trade deadline. A team cannot just expect everyone else to roll over and die because of how good they think they are. The Phillies were the beneficiaries of the Mets players, coaches and management accepting mediocrity and expecting it to carry them through. Okay, I feel better now that I got that off of my chest…

So now I find myself once again searching for positives in an otherwise dismal season. Believe me, it took a while… I actually hashed out these thoughts during an 8 mile walk!

My discovery of MetsMerized – For years I had hoped to find a place where I could share my love for the Mets with other fans. MetsMerized is a wonderful place for that, especially the live game threads. Anyone who was in on them will surely agree.

Humility has come to Shea – Just like anyone else, I love the creative handshakes and celebrations but now that the Mets got their teeth handed to them maybe it’s time to take it down a notch. The last thing the Mets need to do is give other teams fuel for the fire.

Omar is off of the pedestal – I remember being so excited when he took over as G.M. That was followed by the arrival of Pedro, Beltran and Doug Mientkiewicz…okay that last one was a bad example. He was supposed to be the guy to build a champion out of Duquettes’ mess. Now it’s put up or shut up time. We’ll see how good he is…

We finished ahead of Atlanta – Small consolation when you consider the big picture, but it means a lot when you are surrounded by the arrogance of Braves fans. As a matter of fact, while standing in line at the store the other day, I was wearing my Pedro jersey and a sniveling Braves fan commented about the Mets September collapse. “Boy, the Mets sure played like crap the last month of the season.” While that may be true, I could not let it go by without a comment of my own. All I could come up with was,” Any year we finish ahead of Atlanta is a good one to me.” It might have been a little juvenile but it made me feel better.

The Mets better win next year… snippy doesn’t become me.

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