Is This The Mets Cable Network, Or Not?

Before I start this off season debating, assessing, and blogging about the team, I must first address an issue that has bugged me all year long…

I’m talking about the Mets cable network SNY.

For months and months I have been bombarded with way too much Yankees coverage and not enough coverage of the team that pays the bills for that network, namely the Mets.

I am sick of tired of seeing advertisements that feature Derek Jeter which still run even today. On the other side of Manhattan the YES network hardly gives the Mets any coverage… that is until yesterday when 80% of their live reporting focused on the collapse of the Mets.

Michael Kay said this on the air about the Mets…

The Mets are a bunch of jerks, asses and clowns." He then went on comparing the Mets to the Yankees in the most degrading of terms including referring to them as a classless organization.

What irked me the most about our own SNY coverage, was the lack of it during the lowest moment in our Mets lives. After the game and our season ended, there was absolutely zero coverage of the aftermath on SNY. Instead they were airing a rerun of Street Games. How could they let us down like that?

How could they not be there to console us, and to provide us with all the clubhouse interviews? Why were Mets fans forced to watch YES and ESPN for their live coverage of the darkest day in Mets history?

In fact, SNY did not even present any live reporting on the game until almost two hours later during their Geico Sportsnight broadcast which was then shared with all the other sports happenings of the day including all the raucous interviews from the Phillies clubhouse.

Shame on you SNY!

You hung us out to dry, and left us to fend for ourselves.

You signed off on the Mets the day before the season ended and abandoned millions of Mets fans.

The last words Mets fans heard came from Gary Cohen on CW11 who said

"The greatest late-September collapse in the history of Major League Baseball is now complete."

Ultimately, I don’t know who was responsible for ending the Mets season on that note, but if this is what we are to expect from SNY moving forward, I think I’ll spend more time next season listening to Howie Rose, Eddie Coleman and Tom McCarthy on WFAN, rather than watching the games on SNY and being forced to see all that Yankees coverage and Yankees advertisements in between innings of a Mets telecast.

By the way, you can rebroadcast Game 6 of the 1986 World Series all you want this off season because I’m still not going to watch. I already own the video and I think I’ll spend a good couple of hours this weekend watching Knight round third and I’ll pretend it’s David Wright…

A Note: It seems that Chris’ blog stirred up a lot of emotions. I just want to add that most of what was written had already been popularized and reported by Buster Onley of ESPN, Jon Heyman, Jon Delcos, over a dozen Mets fan sites, Eddie Coleman and about two hundred callers on WFAN. What I’m saying is that it was newsworthy and normal to take a side on an issue that was already in hot debate in every major media outlet. I personally would never trade Beltran or Reyes for Santana, but the question of whether we should is totally appropriate.

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