I Have To Weigh In On A-Rod…

I think Alex Rodriguez is probably the best player I have ever seen play in the last 10-15 years. That being said, I implore Mets fans not to get blinded by A-Rod’s amazing stats…

A-Rod is a ‘me first" type player who would not add anything to the Mets clubhouse. The Mets had plenty of problems last season, but clubhouse chemistry was not one of them. A guy like A-Rod might garner the Mets a few extra wins each season, but at what cost?

The Mets disappointed many of us last season, but that’s because we have such high expectations each season. When Omar Minaya first took over as the GM of the Mets, he promised to field us a winning team in 5 years. So far he has brought us to the edge of victory in only three years. Let’s not mess up this plan and this vision by upsetting and overturning an entire team to make room for A-Rod. It would be regrettable and the ramifications of such a large contract could haunt the organization for many, many years.

Let A-Rod go after all of his individual goals with some other team. We don’t need his sideshow performances and individual heroics on the Mets. I would rather have one team oriented player than a dozen A-Rods.

Also, if hear one more writer, reporter or talk show host say that Alex Rodriguez is a life long Mets fan, I swear I will throw up. All he is, is a life long A-Rod fan. He has left three organizations high and dry, and he wouldn’t think twice about doing the same to the mets in the future if he got the chance.

A little advice to Omar… if A-Rod comes a calling…


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