A Very Rude Awakening…

I must say that I was disgusted this morning by an article I read in Newsday. It was written by Wallace Matthews, who decided to throw what little professionalism he had as a writer, out with the trash last night.

I still can’t believe that a solid newspaper like Newsday allowed such a hate-filled tirade against the Mets to be printed in their paper. I think his article was degrading and insulting and sounded more like like a 10 year old crying sour grapes after being left off the school bus on the way to a class trip, than anything else.

Get a grip already and don’t take out your anxiety over the Yankee’s failures by pointing your finger at the Mets’ problems. What are you like 5 years old or something?

Here are just a few of the swipes he took at the Mets…

The Mets went 55-57, crumbling like a sand castle in the final week of the season, at home, against three teams with a combined record of 222-264, with payrolls of $30 million, $37 million and $90 million.

And you want to say the Yankees were a bust? What exactly does that make the Mets?

They’ve got a GM who has abandoned his eye for evaluating young talent in favor of the easy way out, rebuilding-by-checkbook.

Worst of all, they seem to have a roomful of players who not only don’t know how to win but don’t care to learn.

For years, we have listened to the Mets and their fans whine about always being overshadowed by the Yankees. We’re not hearing too much of that right now, are we?

Hiding behind the Yankees is working out quite nicely for the Mets these days.

When I read the 40 comments that were left for him on this article, I found one that seemed only too appropriate.

I have to say this is one of the worst written, bitter attacks on the Mets I’ve ever read and Newsday should be ashamed of themselves for posting this. Why is this guy given a job and a paycheck when there are much more interesting and deserving writers out there?

That pretty much expresses exactly how I feel. Thanks for the very rude awakening this morning, Newsday…

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