Willie’s Goof May Lead To An Un-Phenominal Choice For Tie Breaker

Willie Randolph could  have started Pedro Martinez instead of Philip Humber on Wednesday. He chose not to so he could give Pedro an extra days rest. Pedro said that he was ready to go, but his words fell on deaf ears. Willie had already made up his mind and he was going with Humber. Just like he made up his mind last week when he went with Brian Lawrence.

As a result of this decision, Philip Humber went on to face defeat at the hands of the Nationals and pitched an unimpressive 4 innings in which he allowed 6 hits, 2 walks and 5 earned runs. (not exactly Kyle Kendrick type numbers)  

Willie’s decision was a colossal failure.

The Mets wasted a solid effort from Pedro last night who tried his best to give his team every chance to win the game.

Now the Mets have squandered a seven game lead and share first place with the second hottest team in baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies. (The Yankees are the hottest team)

If the season ends in a tie, the Mets must choose between Philip Humber, Mike Pelfrey or Dave Williams to pitch the tie breaking game in Philadelphia.

Pedro said he would pitch on three days rest if needed, but of course if Willie wasn’t going to pitch him on 4 days rest, there’s no chance in hell he’d pitch Pedro on three days rest. (By the way, thank you Pedro for actually coming back this season and saying and doing all the right things)

Managers live and die by the decisions they make throughout the course of the season.

Willie has made some dreadful decisions this season, many of which were made light of right here on this site. However, the decision to let Humber pitch on Wednesday instead of Pedro may have possibly doomed the Mets.

There’s still a chance the Mets can pull this out, but if it comes down to a tie, we’ll probably have to rely on one of our untouchable Mets pitching phenoms (Pelfrey or Humber) to take the mound at Citizens Bank Park on Monday.

Way to go Willie…

Did anyone else notice that SNY stopped running the "Your Post-Season Has Come" commercial? 

Todays Question: How many times has Willie Randolph tipped his hat to the opposing pitcher after a loss? 

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