Was Yesterday Just an Ordinary Day?

I’m certain that as I write this, hundreds of other Mets bloggers are thinking the same thing: Pedro is back. Maybe he wasn’t 1999- 2004 Pedro, but he certainly did more than enough to put the Amazins’ in position to win. THIS is the reason Omar signed him to a contract many thought was foolish. Pedro brings so much more to the ballpark than an ordinary pitcher. Electricity, attitude and unpredictability are weapons in his expansive arsenal.

I will never forget my last Met game in 2005. My brother and I had upper deck seats, but were able to get down on field level during batting practice. It was a thrill to see Jose Reyes, Mike Cameron, Mike Piazza and others. I even got a souvenir foul ball off of Cameron’s bat! The real thrill was seeing Pedro come out to play catch on his off day. It was like getting a glimpse of someone who although is only 5’11”, carries the reputation of a giant.

It does not surprise me that he returned on a day that not only would help the Mets pull away from the pack, but also a day he would join the elite 3,000 strikeout club. I would rather take 5 innings from Pedro than anyone else, if only for the intangibles he brings to the mound. (Note: Should any Yankee fans want to debate Derek Jeter’s “Intangibles” in comparison to Pedro, just walk away… it’s a hopeless case of Skankee narcissism and World Series entitlement.)

The spark or “kick in the pants” myself and other Shea faithful have been yearning for has finally arrived. Not in the form of a Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland or Carlos Zambrano, but rather a 3- time Cy Young Award winner and World Series champion. No, my fellow Mets fans…definitely nothing ordinary about today.


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