The Most Wonderful Dream

Last night I had the most wonderful dream. I was back in New York and at Shea Stadium for the last game of the 2007 World Series. The Mets and Indians had played themselves into a 3- 3 series tie thanks to some late inning heroics by Guillermo Mota, who struck out the side in back to back innings in game 6. This game was no contest though, as the Mets cruised to a 12 run lead in the first 4 innings against C. C. Sabathia. David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado each belted 2 homeruns to ensure victory. Pedro Martinez pitched 7 wonderful no-hit innings followed by an inning of magnificence from rookie sensation Joe Smith. So down it comes to 2 outs in the ninth. Nobody on base. Billy Wagner on the mound with a 12 run lead facing Casey Blake. Blake takes the first two meaty fastballs right down the pipe for strikes. The Shea faithful are going wild. The air is filled with a sense of satisfaction; champagne is being carted in by clubhouse attendants… Here’s Wags delivery, reminiscent of a certain Wainwright curveball… Blake swings and… I wake up.

Sound familiar everybody? Have you too been jarred out of your championship dreams by an awful bullpen, inconsistent hitting, Yankee victories and the sound of “Big Mouth Rollins and the Phillies nipping at the Mets heels? Losing a seven game lead with 17 games left to play seems unbelievable, but somehow Willie Randolph and company have found a way to do just that.

I REALLY do believe in our Amazins’, but that doesn’t make it any easier to see the box score in the morning. I still think the Mets will pull it out,waiting until the last possible second, much to the chagrin of many anxious Mets fans and their nerves. Remember, this is an organization that has always kept us nervous… Franco, Benitez and Looper anyone? While I also realize that because of the All-Star game loss, the Mets will not get to play in game 7 at Shea. But you can’t fault a guy for having a sweet dream can you?

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