The Imperfect Champions

I think most baseball fans (including me); have a chip on their shoulder concerning their favorite teams (unless they are Skankee fans that believe their team could win a title with one hand tied behind their backs). Every time a bad play is made fans like us automatically assume that the game and even the season may be lost.

So maybe we have a little Eeyore in us, always expecting that rainy day even if sunshine is present or expected in the near future.

I have been a little mopey this past week as I watched the Mets lead dwindle down to a measly 1 ½ games. Today though, I resolved not to worry and to cast off that expectation of certain defeat. In doing so, I looked for a stat that would give me a little bit of a pick me up. I found it in the last 7 World Series Champions…

3 of the last 7 champions have been Wild Card winners. To me that shows that since the millennium, the playoffs have shown which teams have what it takes and which teams were pretenders. Three of those teams that did have what it took were considered second best, much like many people consider our beloved Mets.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, in no way am I conceding ANYTHING to “Big Mouth” Rollins and the Phillies. I just want to stay positive and point out that it isn’t always the one that laughs first, doesn’t always get to laugh last.

Now that our latest losing streak is over, we can all take that collective sigh of relief and get ready. The real test of the Amazins’ mettle is about to begin…

“Ya Gotta Believe!”

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