Mets Clincher Has Become a Matter of If, Not When

The Phillies have once again closed the gap between themselves and our first place Mets.  Not a single good thing came out of the weekend series, except our MVP hopeful David Wright becoming only the third player in Mets history to join the 30/30 club. 

Two Mets players were ejected during the series for legitimately arguing balls and strikes.  It was as if the Mets were taking on 10 players in the field.  The calls were terrible, the pitching was horrible, and the defense, especially in the third game, flat out stunk.

The Phillies are now three and a half games behind the Mets.  Up next: I can’t see the Cardinals beating the Phillies and helping the Mets cause.  I can, however, see the Mets beating the Nationals.  The Mets just can’t seem to beat the team that’s chasing them.  If they are trying to make this interesting, this is not the way to do it. 

Even if the Mets pull this out and take the division as anticipated, my concern comes when and if the Mets should meet the Phillies again in the postseason.  As the wild card team, the Phillies would not play the Mets in the first round of playoffs.  But if the Mets and Phillies should both win their first series of postseason play, they would in fact face each other in the League Championship Series.  I don’t even want to imagine the results.


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