Is Willie Losing His Grip On The Team?

I don’t think so, but many others do, including some of the players and people in the front office.

Here is what Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote in his column…

There have been rumblings of dissatisfaction for Randolph both in the front office and in the clubhouse. Four different major-league sources said Mets upper management has expressed concerns about Randolph both tactically and in failing to get his team to play with consistent passion this year. Two agents with players on the Mets both said their clients have conveyed the sense of a clubhouse that is more consistently second-guessing managerial strategy.

In addition, Randolph has the very modern problem now of being caught in the critical crosshairs on both talk radio and the Internet while also having a prickly relationship with the media that covers the team daily. And he has an ownership that has always been ultra-sensitive to the public/media cacophony.

I believe that under the circumstances that Willie has had to manage this season, talk of his job being in jeopardy it totally premature.

He has had to endure countless injuries to key players including all of his regular outfielders and their backups as well. He has not had the luxury of having a true ace pitcher like all of the other teams in contention, and yet the team is still sitting in the drivers seat.

I wish people would lay off the guy. Yes, he makes me scratch my head sometimes, or leaves himself open to second-guessing, but what manager doesn’t?

He is still growing as a manager and I expect him to get better.

It is unfair to pin any of the Mets troubles on a man who had no say in building the bullpen in the off-season, and was not too happy when he learned that Chad Bradford had signed with the Orioles.

Look, Willie Randolph deserves to get some heat from time to time. God knows I’ve given him plenty of that, right here on this site. That’s just me being a baseball fan. When they lose I grumble, and when they win I cheer.

As fans we have a right to second guess a manager’s moves during a game. It’s always been a part of the game and always will be. 

But, gimme a break with all the Willie must go talk already!

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