Happy Thursday Mets Fans! It’s Okay to Smile!

As I’m certain that many of the Shea faithful can relate, the Mets performance from the previous day has at least a small effect on how we approach the next day. Many times we go to work, school or anywhere else with our heads hung low in shame and insides tied in knots. Even with yesterdays sad 7- 0 loss to the Reds and a mediocre 5- 5 road trip, there are many reasons we can lift up our heads and proudly say,” It’s good to be a Mets fan!” Let me share some reasons why…

1. “The Mets are in first place!”- Go ahead, say it again. Feels good doesn’t it? 5 games up on those putrid Phillies and 7.5 on those pesky Braves makes me smile, that’s for sure. Remember when it seemed like the Braves would never stop winning NL East titles and we would be destined EVERY year for the Wild Card? The Amazins’ are now on the verge of  their SECOND straight division title, and that’s enough to put some spring in my step today.

2. “The future looks bright!”- If there is one thing that drives us all crazy, it’s the uncertainty of the future of our beloved franchise. Well rest assured, everything looks pretty good from where I’m standing. We have the best left side of the infield in the major leagues in David Wright and Jose Reyes, no one else comes close. This includes the Skankees with Rodriguez and Jeter.  The pitching staff has some help on the horizon too. Not that I’m crowning Mike Pelfrey the title of staff ace, if he truly has learned something about pitching in the minors than he will be more than okay. On the horizon also lies Philip Humber who I believe should be in the rotation in the near future. Whether Luis Castillo comes back for another year in Queens is anyone’s guess, but I can honestly say that I will not lose any sleep knowing that Rueben Gotay  is waiting in the wings. Together with an outfield that includes Carlos Beltran in his prime, we have Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez waiting to step into the New York spotlight.

I’m not saying that there are no problem spots. Everyone knows the issues of first base, catcher and more immediate, the bullpen are slowly creeping up. Just for today though, take a deep breath and relax, it really IS good to be a Mets fan!

Just on a side note, if you were not here for Tuesday nights live thread, you missed out.What a wonderful time we had just enjoying the game and talking about the Mets. I highly recommend you try it next time!

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