Behold, The Beast Of The East Is Unleashed

A season can have several turning points or shifts in momentum.

When the Mets win it all in 2007 and I look back and reflect on the season, the biggest turning point to me will be the sweep in Atlanta.

I have read several articles and blogs which refer to the the disaster in Philly as the turning point for the Mets, but I beg to differ. That may have been a turning point for the Phillies, but certainly not for us.

Going into Atlanta and manning up against our fiercest arch rivals after an embarrassing and devastating defeat is the one and only turning point that I will ever acknowledge.

To me the Phillies series was the low point of the year. How we responded after that series has been our turning point.

Where we are now is our high point.

Tonight the Phillies return to Shea and you can expect them to get some big payback for the lack of class they showed when they swept us. They celebrated on the field as if they had won the World Series, but what did they win?

All they manged to do was awaken the sleeping behemoth that is the 2007 Mets. For an entire season they slumbered and stumbled through countless injuries and yet they never lost their grasp on the division lead.

When we went into Atlanta the sleeping giant had been rudely awaken form that slumber and now somebody was going to pay the price and deal with the real beast in the East, the New York Mets.

This weekend, the caretakers will be sizing up the Phillies and hammering away on the coffins that the Mets are going to send them away in.

There will be no more talk of the Phillies or the Braves after this weekend. They will become afterthoughts after David Wright and company drive them back down the New Jersey Turnpike for good.

There will be no post season games played at Citizens Bank Park or Turner Field this post season.

However, there is a different fate in store for Shea Stadium. Although, her final days are approaching quickly, there’s still some magic and some history left in the old girl.

These same Mets that have kept us fans on our toes for almost an entire season, have now shown themselves to be the team to beat and the class of the National League.

So, when you’re watching the Mets play the Phillies this weekend, remember to thank them for awakening our team and unleashing the awesome magnitude that we knew was there all along.

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