What Are Mets Fans Thinking This Morning?

I thought I would share some of our recent comments and emails with you. None of it may mean much, but it does show the level of anxiety shared by most Mets fans this morning. 

Not a good week so far for our Mets. I am not happy with Willie Randolph for sending Wagner out for a second inning. He had already given up a homerun in the 8th. Instead I would have went to Heilman in the 9th. I can’t just blame Willie. Wagner is to blame as well for not being able to save the game! – Rob

Hey Mr. Met.. Do me a favor… Tomahawk chop a whole bunch of wood, light a fire, and stick it under this team’s a$$ and make them sweep the Braves. I know you can do it. – Yip

That’s great, not only does Willies decision to use Wagner for two innings cost us the game, but now he probably can’t be used Friday and Saturday during the Atlanta series. That means lots of Mota! Nice going Willie! – Steve

I’m just so sick and tired of people thinking that a bad stretch = doomsday. Yes its frustrating watching your team self destruct, but the nonsense that these people say such as the season is over, or Mets will be in 3rd by September 5th. These people show no sense of reality and no knowledge of the game or its history. Christian

I’ve never been one of those "get down on your team" type of guy, when the team loses, but right now I can’t stand the Mets… Willie Randolph is just a terrible manager. He can’t motivate his players to get off their highly over payed butts and produce… he’s just like his mentor Torre. – Joey

Wow, what a disaster. Billy Wagner might be suffering from a dead arm, but Willie Randolph is suffering from a dead brain. Wagner’s era has gone up over a point in his last 3 or 4 outings. And while complaining of a dead arm, he’s put into the game to pitch 2 innings. Nicely done, Willie! – Drew

Willie has made many mistakes this year, but none more critical than today. His handling of the bullpen is awful and his lack of fire or emotion is dragging the team down. We are in serious trouble with no help on the way. Omar should have bit the bullet and traded for Jon Rauch and Chad Cordero. Now we will limp through September hoping to get a wild card berth. – Angst24

Like I’ve said before… Bitch and complain all you want… but you don’t dare lose faith. After this sweep, I’m nervous about the upcoming series against the Braves… but my faith in our boys will not waiver. And yours shouldn’t either! – Rissa

Just a sampling of over a hundred comments and messages we received in the last 18 hours.

I would urge Mets fans to remember that our team has overcome many an adversity over their history. It’s how they coined the nicknames Miracle Mets and Amazin Mets. It’s OK to feel a little disappointment over the Phillies series, but like one of the commenter’s above said, don’t you dare lose faith!

Lets Go Mets

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