Time to Change the Battery

Something that has been on my mind fellow Mets fans, is the major issue we have at catcher. I love Paul LoDuca as much as anyone else, but lets face the facts, he’s in the midst of a decline. A recent rumor on SI.com has the Mets linked to Pudge Rodriguez and Jorge Posada. Right off the bat, let me say that both of theses players(even if one IS a Skankee Yankee), were terrific players in their primes, but that is in no way indicative of how they will perform next year…especially when they are both over 35. That’s also assuming their current clubs will let them walk.

Ramon Castro has proved he is a more than capable backup catcher, but would not be best used as a starter. What I’m saying is that I think it’s time the Mets started looking for someone who is less than a five years from retirement to handle catching duties. One possibility I noticed was Texas’ Gerald Laird, who will have lost his starting job to Jarrod Saltalamacchia next season. Laird will only be 28 years old next season, and might be the man we need to add stability behind the dish. While I realize we will probably not get another Gary Carter or Mike Piazza, it is obvious that that the Mets have to move in another direction. I can’t speak for everybody, but I must express my discontent with the Mets acquiring over the hill rental players that stink it up when they arrive at Shea. Look no further than Mo Vaughn, Roberto Alomar, and Mike Bordick.  I’m sure there are others that come to your minds, but those three still give me shivers…kind of like a bullpen of Armando Benitez and Braden Looper…(((Shudders)))

Any other ideas?

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