Monday Mets Minutes

FYI… I figured I would make my Monday posts about my observations over the past week…so here goes…

First off, congratulations to Tom Glavine for winning number 300!! I thought it was going to be another long stretch before we saw it, like waiting for the Mets to clinch last year! Well, it wasn’t saved for Shea but I‘m sure the Mets have some big video tribute/presentation in the works!

Is it just me or does Willie Randolph look just plain pissed off these days? Every time the camera shows him in the dugout, he’s got a look of disgust on his face. Now I know the Mets are not the team they were last year. They are not exactly running away with the National League East. But as much as I would like to be able to sit back and relax in September, part of me actually enjoys scoreboard watching! So maybe this year it will be a matter of ‘if” instead of “when”. But come on Willie, lighten up! Okay, okay, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt – your arm is still in a sling so maybe you’re uncomfortable and that’s why you seem so grumpy.

On another note, why can’t the Mets play a good game when they are on National television? Every time they are on FOX or ESPN they lose, no less playing a sloppy game! (With the exception of last night’s game.)

I was so glad to see LoDuca back behind the plate last night. I do like Ramon Castro, but my heart is with Paulie, and he deserved to catch Glavine’s 300 win!

Beltran is expected back on Wednesday night. I definitely like him as a player, but I can’t help but feel as if he is a little bit of a cry baby. Every little injury, and he’s out for two weeks! I wish somebody would pay ME millions to sit home and relax!

Final note…I may be a little premature with this, but here’s MY prediction for the 2008 line-up:

1B Carlos Delgado

2B Ruben Gotay

SS Jose Reyes

3B David Wright

LF Lasting Milledge

CF Carlos Beltran

RF Carlos Gomez

C Ramon Castro


Until tomorrow, Mets fans…

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