Braves and Phillies: Down For The Count

My, how quickly the tide can turn. Two short weeks ago, I myself stated in my weekly piece here at Metsmerized that I was a fan filled with worry and concern. Nothing specifically brought me to feel in the manner I did. The Mets were dreadful; they were winning marginally if at all, and failed to impress by doing so. They resembled not much more than a tired, old, oft-injured, uninspired ball club. To add insult to injury, the division lead was fading as quickly as parking spaces in the Shea stadium parking lot.

I can confidently say without hesitation today, the Mets will win this division. Since that gloomy weekend when the lowly Florida Marlins stole two out of three from the Mets in Flushing, they have gone on an impressive 9-3 surge. They sit a top the East with the largest division lead in all of baseball. The dagger is out, the Amazins will look to drive it through any division championship aspirations that Philly and Atlanta may have this week, and effectively put their playoff dreams on life support

It is not so much the 9-3 ball the Mets have played that has the blue and orange blood flowing at a season high, but rather the teams that are vying to steal the crown away from them. It seems as though every time I take my daily glance at the standings, the Mets have gained a game on the Phillies and Braves.

The rest of the league and more so the division is simply just not at the echelon the Mets are. Certainly they have not played a championship caliber organization during this rejuvenating run. The fact is, winning teams have a duty to beat up on the abominations at the bottom of the league. The division title likely won’t be captured with the run away victories we are again starting to become accustomed to. It will be the inability of the Atlanta’s and Phillies of the world to capitalize on playing last place opponents that will crown us cream of the crop in the Eastern division.

Other than the Mets I don’t know if there is such a thing as a cemented championship contender in the National League. It has become quite apparent; the Amazins play their best and most consistent ball when their backs are against the wall. They respond to adversity better than any other ball club in the National League, which is why they have ballooned their division lead to where it currently stands. They may crack at times, but this ball club is too strong at the core to break.

The media and fans alike constantly criticize the holes and weaknesses throughout the Mets roster. Their vulnerabilities however, are far less evident then the teams that sit below. This team might not be as magical as the 2006 bunch, but they are certainly special for other reasons. They don’t always look illustrious winning, but the bottom line is they do just that, win. When moments have been at their gloomiest; they have come roaring out of the corner with a thunderous right hand, this week is the time to knock Atlanta and Philly down for the count.

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