A Mets Fan in Braves Country

Sullivan County, New York is where I was born and raised. Only minutes from the original Woodstock site and 2 hours west of my Graceland. That is, Shea Stadium in Queens, New York.

Today, I live in a small town in rural Alabama called Clanton. The area is nice, people are great and the fried food is plentiful. However, the people all share a common fault. They are Braves fans. My only saving grace is that Auburn University shares my beloved orange and blue colors, which I am quick to point out to Braves fans expressing disdain for the Mets. The only live baseball game I have seen here has been in Birmingham to watch the Barons. (Yes, the same Barons Michael Jordan stunk it up for.) So just to have some fun and reinforce my dislike of all things non- Mets, here is my All- Loathe Team. Some are Braves, some are retired, some SHOULD retire and some I loathe for obvious reasons to Mets fans. Let me know what you guys think!

SP- John Smoltz: Could be 75 years old and still pitches well against us.
C- Yadier Molina: 2006 NLCS. Need I say more?
1B- Albert Pujols: Scares me every time he walks to the plate.
2B- Mark Lemke: Reminds me of that creepy B- movie leprechaun.
3B- Larry Jones: In my opinion, the single most hated player in Mets history.
SS- Jimmy Rollins: Pull the cord and listen to his mouth run.
OF- Gary Sheffield: The only time he opens his mouth is to change feet.
OF- Andruw Jones: Flat out don’t like him.
OF- Von Hayes: The only Phillies player back in the day that posed a threat to the Mets.
RP- John Rocker: Okay, maybe tied with old Larry Jones for most hated player.

What are some of the players that you would put on this list?

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