Mets Making Me Crazy, But Boy Do I Love them!

Just thought I would share with you some of the things that really ticked me off while watching/listening to yesterday’s game… 

First off, the dumb idea that Ruben Gotay’s throwing error in Saturday’s game may have been caused by the fact that he now knows he is going to be the everyday second baseman, at least for a while, and his nerves got the best of him. Ron Darling actually bought that? Is he serious?? No matter who you are or how often you play, you need to make those plays, without errors. Granted, everyone is human and will make mistakes. But when you do, don’t make ridiculous excuses for why you did or didn’t do something right. Unless injury or illness is involved, spare me the details! Besides, he has been here long enough now to be passed all that.

Next, what is up with Grady Little and his uniform? He pulled a “Joe Torre” yesterday by wearing just that stupid windbreaker-type pullover. For the record, even with his arm in a sling, Willie Randolph has been in full uniform each and every day. Hats off to Willie! And to the rest of these managers who think looking like a slob is ok – shame on you all! Do you really think the rest of the league is taking you seriously??

Finally, I know most of you Mets fans out there were screaming at your televisions when the Mets decided to intentionally walk Jeff Kent and put the winning run on base. Billy Wagner knew what he was doing when he called Castro out to the mound and it ended up being a meeting of the minds when Rick Petersen and the rest of the infielders joined.  Wagner probably felt more comfortable pitching to Kemp instead, and after I thought about it for a while, would it really matter who would hit a homer, Kent or Kemp?  Either way, the Dodgers would win, but at least the double play was set up by putting Kent on. It all turned out for the best anyway when Wagner struck out the side in a very thrilling and chilling ninth inning!

The Mets are home now – you can tell just by looking out your window and seeing all the rain. Poor guys never get a nice off day. Ah, when you’re getting paid millions to be the best team in baseball, you find things to do, even in the rain!

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