Like ‘Em or Not, These are the Mets!

I thought it would be fun this week to sort of “laundry list” the things that I like and dislike about our Mets. I hope you will find some of these items to be very interesting…


– Paul LoDuca batting second. Come on, Willie, you know he belongs there, why would you put him anywhere else? He is the only hitter patient enough to take pitches to let Jose Reyes do his thing on the base path. Plus he has a good eye and rarely strikes out, which means as long as Jose is on base, there is a possibility of getting a run in.

– John Maine’s surprise season. Who would have thought that this kid would pitch the way he has? I like his patience and positive attitude. I like that his heart (and mind) are in the game all the time.

– Jose Reyes’ “crazy legs” and silly ways in the dugout. Although sometimes I think he needs to relax, he is motivating, and if nothing else, entertaining.

– Paul LoDuca’s temper. (Ok, so he gets two!) Regardless of what the media suggests, as long as his teammates like him, and nobody gets hurt, who cares?? This is New York, for crying out loud. We can handle it. Worse stuff happens on The Sopranos, but I bet we were all glued to HBO every Sunday night at 9! There is nothing unprofessional or immature about who he is. His personal life is none of our business, and if he can get this team going, more power to him.

– Billy Wagner. I’m just so proud of him. After that blown save to the Yanks at home last year, I never thought I would come to like him. But he has proven me wrong and now I find myself humming to the tune of “Enter Sandman” when he comes in to pitch.


– The disappointing seasons of “DOS CARLOSES“. I guess they could be worse, but I am a pessimist, so they certainly can be better.

– David Wright’s socks. They look ridiculous when he wears them up to his knees. Doesn’t he realize that he is ruining his look??

– Moises Alou’s injury. I still feel he was too old and too injury-prone to acquire. And the fact that he DID get hurt again only makes me more angry. Honestly, I never liked the guy.

– Jose Valentin’s alleged “breaking up a fight” sore pinky. Hhhmmmmm…..I don’t know about you, but that raises an eyebrow for me.

– Paul LoDuca dropping his appeal. (Three times a charm, but this is the “DISLIKES” one!) I am no fool. He dropped his appeal when he did so he could serve his suspension while in Houston, where his daughter lives. Pretty smart, huh?

– Jose Reyes not running out ground balls. On the flip side, add Willie Randolph sitting him the rest of the game to my “LIKES”.

– Stupid haircuts. Coincidence that the same guy who wears his socks stupidly would also instigate such a dumb move as this? I think not. Message to the team: DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!

Now that I have shared my thoughts, Let’s go Mets!!

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