I Urge All Mets Fans Not To Read This Blog

We Keep Getting One-Upped – Is it me or does it seem like every time the Yankees bring somebody up from the minors he becomes a star? If it’s not Robinson Cano, it’s Chien Ming Wang, if it’s not Phillip Hughes, it’s Shelley Duncan. If the Mets keep picking ahead of the Yankees in the last 4 years of the MLB Draft, then why do they keep getting these seemingly quality stars while we bring up Anderson Hernandez, Mike Jacobs, Mike Pelfrey and Lastings Milledge? It totally ticks me off.

Tongue Twister – If I told you that about two dozen Mets sites blogged about Ronnie Belliard signing an extension with the Nationals today, would you believe me? It’s true, and I don’t understand why I as a Mets fan should care. And not even one of them mentioned his tongue. That’s insane. I think they have quotas they must adhere to like "we must post 15 blogs a day or else the world will end".

X-ray Vision – I’m going to enjoy watching Xavier Nady make his return to Shea on Tuesday with the Pirates. Even though he was only a Met for a short time, he carried this team through early May until the rest of the team joined the hit parade. Watching Shawn Green play right field has given me new found respect for our old friend. I hope he gets a nice hand from the Shea faithful.

Our Readers Are Way Smarter – I hate when people call in to WFAN with their ridiculous hypothetical trades. Well I sometimes get one or two readers who leave hypothetical trades in our blog comments or in emails. I am totally convinced that Mets Merized readers are far more intelligent that WFAN listeners. Check out this one hypothetical trade someone left as a comment today: SP Mike Pelfrey, SP Jason Vargas and RP Carlos Muniz for RP Chad Cordero and SP/RP Jon Rauch. Not only does that trade make absolute sense for both teams, but I could actually see the Nationals trading both those guys very soon.

Well, I’m gonna end it here. I know I just babbled about absolutely nothing, but I could have made four different blogs out of this useless information and didn’t. That’s because we have no quotas at Mets Merized. The only thing you could knock us for is when I decide I’m bored that I thrill myself by coming online and posting a 200 word blog about absolutely nothing. Hey get off my back, the Mets were off today, what did you expect?

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