From The Orange Seats – Oh No, Not Another DL! PLUS QUESTION OF THE WEEK!

July seemed so promising for the Mets with a much anticipated winning streak, team spirit on the rise and players performing again. However, it might have just gone from easy cruising to hectic labor. From the injury-prone Moises Alou, to the latest DL stint of Oliver Perez, the Mets have some issues. Now, with four major players (Chavez, Alou, Sosa, and Perez) on the disabled list, someone needs to step up.

Within the last four or five days, the Mets have put two important pitchers on the DL: Jorge Sosa and Oliver Perez. With that said, that leaves the rotation looking kinda thin; it pretty much looks like this: Glavine, Hernandez, Maine, Pelfrey, and Jason Vargas. The Mets are lucky in that the All-Star break is coming up, and the Mets can have their pitchers rest. Perez will most likely make a start in the few days after the break of the All-Star game, returning healthy and safe from any back stiffness. Sosa, on the other hand, suffered from a Grade 2 strained left hamstring. From a fan’s point of view, these days off are a godsend. Players who aren’t 100% will return better than before, and the pitchers have time to recover their arms.

There was some good news about Moises Alou. Reports say his quad is getting better and stronger and he may be a couple weeks away from returning. If he does return in mid-July, Alou would’ve missed about two months of playing time. Now, if Alou does return to the offensive form he was before, the Mets will have a good chance of expanding their NL East lead in August and September. Now, you’re saying, what happens if he does return, what would happen to Carlos Gomez? Well, I believe he’s going to stay. Willie loves a speedy outfielder who can run, catch, and throw. Not to mention, he can also bunt and pinch run too in close situations. 

Players need to step up big before and after the All-Star Break. In my opinion, those players need to be the bench players. If the Mets want an easy cruise through July and August, Mike Pelfrey and Jason Vargas must pitch their A-games. And I do mean their A-games. In a season where pitching wasn’t the issue, it is now. But, if you ask me, they’ll do fine. Even the Ruben Gotay’s and the Ricky Ledee’s on the bench will perform. You know why? They’re hungry, no, not for food silly. They’re hungry for that championship. They’re hungry for a win. They’re hungry for that satisfaction. They’re hungry because they want it all. And you know what, I’m fine with that.

Mets need that one guy to hustle, to play with their all, and to get dirty. Like in the 1986 season, the 2007 Mets need a Wally Backman. They need that adrenaline to boost up all of our players to succeed without the starters. With all the DL stints, the Mets need to put that on the side, and play with whatever they got now. And believe me, if they do, they’re gonna go far, real far.

That’s it from the Orange Seats.

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