Yankee Pride And Tradition Died A Long Time Ago

Can somebody please explain to me why so many Yankee fans keep saying that what A-Rod did the other day against the Blue Jays happens all the time?

All the time???

What baseball games have they been watching???

For those of you who have been living under a rock the past 5 days, Alex Rodriguez interfered with a play when third baseman Howie Clark camped under an infield popup, but backed off after Rodriguez ran slowly past him and shouted "Mine" as he passed him. Clark was fooled into thinking that he was called off the play by the shortstop and the ball fell in for a single instead of the third out of the ninth inning.

The Blue Jays were enraged, and the umpires had to restrain a couple of Blue Jays from charging A-Rod and ripping his head off. Toronto manager John Gibbons screamed at A-Rod, who just smiled as he stood on third base.

I don’t know how many of you get a chance to listen to the Mets flagship station WFAN, but even today, almost a week since A-Rod’s desperate attempt at thwarting another Yankees loss, pro-Yankee callers were still saying that what A-Rod did was nothing new and it happens all the time. 

If it happens all the time then why did Joe Torre call A-Rod into his office for a private meeting?

When the meeting was over, Torre told reporters that no Yankee will ever do something like that again as long as he’s the manager?

"It was something he shouldn’t have done," Torre said, "and I don’t sense he will do that again."

"They were angry and I can’t blame them," Torre said of the Blue Jays.

Blue Jays manager, John Gibbons said, "That’s not Yankee pride right there, that’s not the way they play. I thought it was bush league."

Players from all around the league were all talking about it in their clubhouses as word spread.

"It’s just an unwritten rule," Richie Sexson of the Mariners said. "You just don’t do it."

"I don’t know how you can get away with that, unless you’re a Yankee player," Giants shortstop Omar Vizquel said.

As reporters came to Mets catcher, Paul LoDuca, he stopped them and said, "Don’t even mention the words Alex Rodriguez to me. I’m dead serious."

So, do you think A-Rod was apologetic afterward? Yeah right! Two days later he had this to say.  

"I could care less," Rodriguez said. "We were desperate and looking to not get swept."

What a punk! Notice how he said "we" instead of "he", and implicated his entire team into his actions.

It happens all the time A-Rod’s supporters say, but when asked to name the last time they saw it, they have no answers.

If it happens all the time, then why didn’t Joe Torre or any of his other Yankee teammates support it?

It happens all the time my butt!!!

Every time a Yankee fan opens his mouth it just proves how arrogant and ignorant they really are.

So much for Yankees pride and tradition…

Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig are turning in their graves. 

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