The Mets Gotta Fight, For Their Right, To Party!

These Mets don’t seem to have the fighting spirit…

Sometimes you have to fight for what you really want…

Sometimes, you have to do whatever it takes to get that R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

That is the Mets biggest problem so far this season. They don’t have the stomach for a good old fashioned brawl.

After the Dodgers hit their third straight homer, it was a perfect situation for throwing inside to Juan Pierre and letting the Dodgers know that they may have won the battle, but we will win the war.

But of course the Mets did none of that.

After Brad Penny let loose on Shawn Green with a tongue lashing in front of 50,000 cheering fans, it would have been a perfect time to punch him in the mouth or at the very least shove him to the ground.

But again, the Mets just backed away from the confrontation and did nothing.

Gimme a freaking break!!!

If Knight, Carter, Gooden, Backman, or Hernandez would have been in those same situations, Pierre would have a knot on his body the size of a baseball, and Brad Penny would be eating his meals through a straw for two weeks!

In 2000, the Yankees beat the Mets in the World Series long before the first pitch was thrown, because Roger Clemens made it known to the Mets that Mike Piazza was OWNED by him.

Never underestimate the power of intimidation in this game.

When Pedro Martinez used Don Zimmer as his personalized bowling ball, the action screamed to the Yankees, "you are going to choke because we own you!"

These days, the Mets always seem to back down from a good fight. They have no nerve. They have no will to win at all costs. Simply put, they are weak in that area of the game.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the Atlanta Braves own the Mets?

It’s not…

The Mets play like they expect to lose because they are psychologically beat. They are convinced the Braves will find a way to beat them no matter what. The Braves have gotten into the Mets heads by intimidating them at will over the last ten years.

The Phillies intimidated us long before the season started. Jimmy Rollins was begging us for a fight. But all the Mets could do, was muster up some politically correct mumbo-jumbo. We backed away from Jimmy Rollins and now he OWNS us.

If the Mets want to win the second round of the Subway Series and a Post Season confrontation with the Yankees in 2007, they can start by knocking Alex Rodriguez on his rear end when he crowds the plate.

They can start by taking out Derek Jeter on a hard slide to second, much like Josh Phelps attempted twice on Jose Reyes and once on Paul LoDuca.

When Roger Clemens or anyone else, pitches inside and tight against Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado, and you know they will, charge the freaking mound and slam his body to the ground!

You want to win?

Then show me what you got!

Stop backing down from every confrontation, and start acting like a team that will not be intimidated by anyone at anytime!

If you want to win, then show me that you got the stomach for a good fight.

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