Stay True To The Orange And Blue

OK. So the Mets didn’t sweep the Yanks.  They didn’t even take the series.  But they didn’t get swept either.  In fact, the season series is tied at three and the next time these two teams could face each other would be the World Series.

Let me sum up this past weekend for those of you who couldn’t bare to watch for yourselves…our offense was mediocre. Our pitching was lacking.  And our defense was, if nothing else, questionable.  Even with an additional hitter in the line-up because of the DH, the Mets still couldn’t pull it off.

Was it the curse of the Yankees?  Nope.  The Mets are only three and twelve in the month of June.  They were slumping well before setting foot into the House that Ruth built.  But despite this current losing streak, the Mets are STILL on top in the NL East.  They are nine games under .500 so far for June and still have only lost three games in the standings to the second place Braves.  What other team could get away with that?

Only a team with true talent and heart could go on this long, consistently playing poorly and losing, and still be adored by their fans and their city.  Overshadowed by their cross-town rivals, who just happen to be playing well right now, have the Mets  reverted back to being the  underdogs?  Once again, nope.  Player for player, the Mets are just as capable, with the talent, know-how, and hunger to do it.  And they will.

Remember, the only reason why it hurts so much is because we care.  When they hurt, we hurt. Our hearts are with this team till the end, whether that is September or October.  Mets fans stay true to the orange and blue.  And our team won’t let us down  They can’t lose forever.  Just look at the Yankees – they were 14 games out and playing some of the worst baseball I have ever seen.  Even with guys like Jeter, A-Rod, Damon and Posada, they still couldn’t find a way to win.  Now they have won 11 of their last 12, losing only to the Mets Friday night.  What makes anyone think the Mets can’t turn it around too?

Kind of makes “Ya Gotta Believe” seem more realistic, huh?

This MMO Fan Shot was written by Denise Winter aka: MetsWrighter.

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