Get Over It Mets Fans, The Yankees Suck!

What is the deal with so many Met fans freaking out about the chants at Shea??

I don’t get the people who say things like no chanting "Yankees Suck" because we’re Mets fans…

It’s because I’m a Mets fan that I will continue to raise the roof at Shea whenever I see the scoreboard flash a Yankees loss!

I just got two messages on our myspace page. (It’s what prompted this blog!)

1. Do Met fans have an inferiority complex? The Yankees have nothing to do with the Mets.

2. Enough with all the Yankees hate, come on already we are Mets fans and are supposed to be better than that!

Mind you, these comments are from Mets fans…

Why shouldn’t we hate the Yankees?

I consider them to be chief among Mets rivals, ranking right up there with the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies.

I have plenty of good reasons to hate the Yankees, but I will just mention four of them.

Am I supposed to forget the whole Roger Clemens vs Mike Piazza episode??

Do we not play them six times a year in the regular season and usually get pounded by them??

Didn’t the city of New York promote the rivalry with the Mayors Trophy games years ago? (another event in which the Mets got severely pounded!)

Did they not beat us the one and only time we faced them in the World Series in 2000???

I’m now supposed to forget all that because we’re Mets fans??

What exactly does that mean??

I think most Mets fans (and baseball fans) will agree that as far back as National League baseball was played in New York, there has always been Yankees hating. Even before the Mets, when the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants played here there was Yankees bashing.

There was lots of hate then, and there should be lots of hate now.

I hate the Yankees and I always will. I laid out my reasons why I hate them and I believe that I am justified in continuing an age old tradition that is as timeless as the game itself.

The Yankees Suck!

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