From The Orange Seats – WE’RE BAAAAAAACK!

Man, what difference a week makes. From losing six straight series, to winning four games in a row, it appears to me that the Mets are back. When I think of the Mets, I think of winning series, clutch hits, and a good combo of pitching and hitting. Well, they got that right now. If you ask me, the Mets are evolving into the elite team everyone thought they would be. Jose Reyes is creating havoc with his speed, Paul Lo Duca is creating the hyped up atmosphere with his eruption on Saturday, Carlos Beltran is heating up like last year, David Wright is hitting the ball with authority, Shawn Green is still punishing the baseball, and Jose Valentin has continued his hitting ways. even when hurt. Everyone is doing their job, and it’s helping the Mets boost their respect around the league.

There are still a few bumps on the road. Carlos Delgado still can’t seem to hit the ball with consistency. Since June 10th, Delgado’s average has been .220. He hasn’t been able to find those strings of hits to push is over .240, or even .250. Once he finds his steady swing, boy oh boy, the Mets will be unstoppable!

Since I’ve been talking about my perspective on hitting, let’s talk about pitching. During this Mets streak, Tom Glavine looked like the dominant Tom from the early 90’s when he was on the Braves. Back then, Glavine had his control and played with the hitters mind. Good job Glavine, do it again! El-Duque showed me something that made this streak legit. He told Willie, "No man, I wanna pitch to this batter, man." Then Willie agreed, and I’m sure he was happy with the results. Orlando thougt "he’s my batter and I will get him out myself." This determination added to the confidence boost the Mets needed.

Jorge Sosa is a guy who can either pitch like Cy Young, or like Sidney Ponson. But, for most of the time, he’s been pitching lights-out. Sosa has been that fresh air we needed after a bit of a rough ride with Pelfrey. Sosa came in and delivered for the Mets. The Mets needed a pitcher, and we got one.

Now, let’s talk about my man, the "Maine Man." John Maine continues to be the most consistent starter for the Mets this season. He showed that in his previous start, he has the stuff to be the Mets top pitcher for the next few years. And folks, he’s not even in his prime yet. Yes, I know he had his rough outings, but he’s been the stopper on most occasions for any Mets losing streaks. In my opinion, John Maine is the Mets ace. Maine is poised like one, and man, can he pitch.

Last week, I was worried that we needed Moises Alou. Well, we could still use him, but we don’t need him. Carlos Gomez is developing into the player I thought he’d be. A little impatient, extremely speedy, and some pop in his bat. Right now, Carlos Gomez is making us forget Moises Alou. Now, Alou is that player that will make the Mets an offensive juggernaut. However, we don’t need that right now.

The fans are electrifying Shea Stadium right now, and it seems to help out the Mets in a big way. We, the Mets fans, are the catalyst to the Mets success. Without our support, they’re going no where. So, even when the Mets are down, continue to root for them. That’s what they needed all along.

Just as they say on the Flight of the Concord, IT’S BUSINESS TIME! Heh, in a different context of course. But, in all seriousness, LET’S GO METS!

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