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It’s Deja Vu – Orlando Hernandez had to leave today’s game because of a cramp in his right hamstring while he was to first on a sacrifice bunt. The poor guy keeps getting dinged up, but at least his calf is OK.

Picture Perfect – One of my Myspace friends, Dora, has some awesome pictures she took at a couple of Mets games in Port St. Lucie. She actually lives in the area and frequently shares some really great stories and pictures with us.

My Fearless Forecast – Mike Pelfrey nails down the number five spot in the rotation over Chan Ho Park. Ha ha, just kidding, that’s not a forecast, that’s a foregone conclusion. My forecast is that the Mets sweep the Phillies when they come to Shea for three games April 9-12.

Star Wars Episode 7 – "Who Will Rule The Empire State" Mets Vs. Yankees: Positon By Position Battle! The 10 Part Mini-Series Begins Monday!

The empire state is in utter chaos as the baseball season nears and the troops prepare for a conflict that will be waged with wooden bats instead of light sabers. And as they prepare to meet their destiny, another battle still wages on between the forces of Wrong and Wright. This battle is taking place at water coolers, diners, and sports bars across the empire state. Even the Jedi’s are helpless as they try to keep Senators Clinton and McCain from overtaking the galaxy and thrusting the universe into oblivion. But alas, there is one final hope. On a distant star, in a galaxy far, far away, there is one called Mets Merized, who will end this battle and bring balance to the force. Each week we will engage these opposing forces and a clear winner will emerge. So I leave you all, with these words of wisdom that were uttered to me long ago by a former Jedi who has since become one with the force. "Enjoy this blog, you will."

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