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Shades of 62? Or Shades of 73?

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There have been seasons where everything seemed to fall into place. There have also been seasons when we just went through the motions of a seemingly irrelevant and rigorous 162 game schedule. But I cant recall a season as perplexing as this one. We have played 64 games. The end of June is quickly approaching […]

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When The Orioles Were Good

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To a lot of fans who are new to baseball, the Baltimore Orioles are known as a team that plays in a pretty cool looking park, but always finishes in the second half the American League’s Eastern Division. It wasn’t always that way. Back in the middle 1970′s when I first started getting into baseball, […]

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Ump In Yanks Pocket, Stadium On Steroids, Keith On Tex

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What a weekend… The New Yankee Stadium is a complete joke, and I can’t believe they didn’t know ahead of time that the place was going to be a launching pad. Every deep flyball was either over the wall for a homer, or caught at or near the wall. You have to hold your breath on anything […]

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WARNING! WARNING! Johan Santana Raising Concerns

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After a dominating start to the season which saw Johan Santana leading the league in several different pitching categories including ERA and strikeouts, it’s been a tremendous struggle since mid May and it may be time to start worrying. Johan Santana isn’t just struggling, his velocity has been decreasing and he barely got over 90 MPH […]

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Mets Rebound To Beat The Yankees 6-2

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Game Recap The best thing about baseball is that after a bad game, you can always clear the slate, come back the next day and try again. The Mets did just that today, and bounced back from yesterday’s brutal loss to beat the Yankees 6-2 in the second game of the Subway Series. It was […]

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Mets Choke Again, Lose 9-8 To The Yanks

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I can’t believe what I just saw… I find it so hard to remain optimistic after watching the Mets lose in gut-wrenching fashion once again. With a huge victory only one out away, Luis Castillo drops the game-ending third out, allowing two Yankees runs to score and give them a walk-off victory in front of a packed […]

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Starting Off a Critical Stretch the Right Way

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Okay, I wasn’t at Citi Field last night, but I could feel the energy in the park all the way from New York to Nashville. It was a playoff game in June, and the Mets continued their dominance of Philly when they absolutely had to have a win against them.

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Q & A with Michael Shapiro; Author of Bottom of the Ninth

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Please enjoy this interview I recently conducted with Michael Shapiro, author of the new book, “Bottom of the Ninth”. Will Sommer Your book, Bottom of the Ninth, what inspired you to write it? Michael Shapiro I guess the thing that really inspired me to write Bottom of the Ninth was the idea that… What baseball […]

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Why The Mets?

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What is it exactly that makes the Mets ‘the Mets’? Why do we root for this team with unending loyalty and a lifelong commitment? It can’t be for our string of championships. We have won just twice in almost five decades, our previous one coming a generation ago. A growing number of fans are too […]

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Lets Go Mets!! Let’s Go Yankees??

An article by posted on May 22, 2009 0 Comments

When I was younger, I had a t-shirt that read “I root for 2 teams – the Mets and whoever is playing the Yankees.”  That was a long time ago, before Inter-League play. Now, for the next three days, Mets fans will become Yankee fans; and vice-versa.  What is this world coming to ??? I […]

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