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By Being Neither A Winner Or Loser, We Are Losers

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My blood boils with each passing day of the Hot Stove season.  While the Mets keep signing guys like Alex Cora, Chris Coste and Henry Blanco, the Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox and even Mariners keep making big moves involving the likes of Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Curtis Granderson and probably John Lackey.  I knew the […]

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At Midnight Omar Turns Into A Pumpkin

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Tonight when the clock strikes twelve, general managers everywhere will begin negotiating with free agents of their liking. The exclusive window for teams to negotiate with their own free agents expires at midnight tonight, beginning what will be another busy and very active hot stove season full. I have read several reports that although Omar Minaya still holds […]

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Wilpons May Get Fan Outrage If They Cut Payroll

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Last week, ESPN’s Andrew Marchand posted the following on his Twitter account: An associate of the Wilpons tells me that the only way to get them to spend this offseason is with public pressure and that might not work. Jon Heyman of SI.com also adds this in one of his reports last week: “Reports have suggested […]

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Mets Catching Options for 2010

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I know we still have almost a month to go before the 2009 regular baseball season is over but lets face facts the Mets season ended in July.  It’s time for the Mets and us the fans to look to 2010.   This past week Josh Thole joined the Mets for their series in Colorado.  Thole […]

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We Were Bamboozled!

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Going into the 2009 season hopes were high for the Mets.  Most people believed that once the Mets signed Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez that all the problems from last year were solved.  Last year the bullpen killed us in our race to the playoff’s but that was not the only reason why missed out of the […]

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More Evidence Of Mets Financial Woes

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According to former Mets GM Jim Duquette, now a baseball analyst for Sirius XM Radio, the Mets have canceled their Fall Instructional League as a cost-cutting measure. The decision will save the Mets approximately $300,000 and continues to add to the mounting evidence of financial upheaval despite denials from the Wilpon family. Duquette believes that it sends […]

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For Sale: Vintage Hot Rod With Custom Paint

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For Sale: This vintage 1962 classic has a great paint job, but like any other used vehicle it needs a little work. You’ll want to get a new transmission (Johan Santana), V6 engine (Carlos Beltran), power steering (Carlos Delgado), a starter (John Maine), new brakes (J.J. Putz), shock absorbers (Jon Niese and Fernando Nieve), coil springs (Alex Cora, […]

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Omar Minaya Is A Dead Man Walking

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As the Mets lost the opener to Arizona 3-2, I couldn’t help but wonder what lies ahead for these Mets. We’re back to the same team that struggles to score runs, and the team that won five straight not so long ago, may have just been a blip on the radar. Omar Minaya says there was […]

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Loyalty & Stupidity

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Say what you will about Mets ownership, but one thing they have shown is that they are 100% loyal to G.M. Omar Minaya. Since Carlos Beltran (remember him), was caught looking to end the 2006 playoff run for the Mets, the team has been in a state of steady decline. The Collapse of 2007 is […]

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Madoff Stole $700 Million From Wilpon!

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Mets beat writer Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reported a little while ago in his blog that Bernie Madoff stole $700 million from the Wilpons.  That is a lot higher than the originally reported $300 million that the Wilpon’s allegedly lost.  Since the scandal broke late last year the Wilpons have not publicly […]

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