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Opening Night Is For Broadway

An article by posted on April 13, 2009 0 Comments

Opening Night is grand when it pertains to Broadway, but baseball is another story.Far be it from me to douse the flames of fervor, but the christening of Citi Field as the skies darken and the temps’ plummet is another in a long list of travesties perpetrated on the defenseless fans. We are treated more […]

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Bullpen Not At Fault

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After watching the game last night against the Florida Marlins one could say that the ending was a 2008 re-run.  John Maine pitched 5.0 innings, allowing 2 hits, both of which were solo home-runs.  He didn’t walk anyone and pitched a total of 83 pitches.  After Maine left the 5th inning Bobby Parnell and Sean […]

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A 2004 Red Sox Reunion At Shea?

An article by posted on June 16, 2008

Happy Monday Mets-fans! I feel pretty good for a Monday, seeing that the Mets won the last game of the twin bill against the Rangers. Trot Nixon did pretty well in his first appearance and Pedro made it through 6 innings without getting injured, so today should be a pretty good day. Like many Mets […]

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