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Mets Need To Realize Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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They’re gone!  Yes, Omar Minaya is thankfully no longer the General Manager of the New York Mets.  Even better news is that Jerry “The Gangsta” Manuel has finally been fired and will no longer be managing the Mets and laughing after a loss. I know the beat writers will miss him but we’re finally free […]

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Minaya Knows End Is Near, Marlins Owner Eying Backman

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According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is looking for a more dynamic personality to take over as the manager of the Marlins. He wants a fiery manager. Among the potential candidates Loria may be looking at are Jim Fregosi, Larry Bowa, and the Mets’ Wally Backman. Needless to say, losing Backman […]

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Something Is Definitely Up

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Some weird happenings are taking place in Metsville in the last few days. First, Jeff Wilpon and John Ricco make an unexpected stop in Atlanta on Monday to watch the Mets lose to the Bravos. It prompts Anthony DiComo of MLB.com, to suggest a potential shakeup was in the works. “With just over a month remaining in the […]

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Something Is Rotten In Queens

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All year long we’ve been told that the Mets are financially in good health. It’s been the mantra ever since the name Bernard Madoff made headline news with his Ponzi scheme and swept the Wilpon family and Sterling Enterprises on board his swarmy carpet ride; not to mention all the livelihoods he destroyed along the […]

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Backman Says He Could Do A Better Job Than Manuel

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As Wally Backman kicks back and rides out the rest of the Brooklyn Cyclones regular season after clinching the division, Dan Martin of the New York Post catches up with him to discuss his thoughts on the state of the Mets and his readiness to be a Major League manager. “It would be impossible to say I […]

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Vaughn Leads Backman’s Cyclones To Division Title

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Readers of this site are already familiar with Mets prospect Cory Vaughn who has been tearing it up in his first season as a professional playing for the Brooklyn Cyclones. Vaughn is the son of notable power hitter Greg Vaughn, and was drafted by the New York Mets in the fourth round, out of San Diego State University. He […]

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Weekend Thoughts: Wally Backman, Being Up Front

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On Wally: There’s no way Jerry Manuel will survive after this season. Whoever replaces him will have to be marketed to a disgruntled and discouraged fan base. The one guy who will work and won’t break the bank, and who has won at his level, but hasn’t managed on the major league level is Wally […]

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Wally Backman To Manage Brooklyn Cyclones

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It looks like Wally Backman will indeed be managing the Brooklyn Cyclones in 2010. It had already been reported three weeks ago by Adam Rubin, that Backman would be managing one of the Single-A teams for the Mets, but which one had not yet been determined. Yesterday, Dora Licastri, long time friend of MMO, and Port St. Lucie […]

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Backman To The Mets, Omar Reaches Out To Former GMs

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I really don’t understand what the big fuss is about bringing Wally Backman to the Mets, but apparently according to Jon Heyman of SI.com, the Mets will offer Backman a job on one of their minor league teams, possibly at Class-AA Binghamton where there is a managerial vacancy. The Mets are leaning toward giving 1986 […]

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One Nut Job For Another?

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You may have heard over the weekend that Wally Backman was fired from his job as manager of the Joliet Jack Hammers of the Northern League. I love Wally, he was a great Met, but I’m not surprised he was let go. What is surprising though, is that some Mets fans are considering and hoping […]

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