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Roger Clemens Pleads “Not Guilty”

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Roger Clemens appeared before United States District Judge Reggie B. Walton on Monday at 2PM and entered a ‘Not Guilty’ plea.  The Judge set the trial date at April 5, 2011 – although that date is not permanent and the trial may be delayed due to the amount of evidence available.   Assistant United States […]

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The Rocket Has Crashed

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Yesterday afternoon was one of those days you don’t forget – usually it’s good news you remember, but the bad news often creeps up when you least expect it and therefore clings in memory. Roger Clemens – is there anyone in sports who doesn’t recognize that name?  And how many little boys idolized him and his […]

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Darryl Strawberry And Dwight Gooden Enter Mets Hall Of Fame

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Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden enter the Mets Hall of Fame. Sure this sounds nice and it is a good PR move and maybe it will sell some more tickets for Sunday afternoon. But it’s a mixed blessing. This is my problem with it. The mid eighties, when both came up to the big team […]

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