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Syndergaard Gets Tagged For Two Homers, Strikes Out Five

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I’m one of the people that believes that the All-Star can throw you off a little if you’re a pitcher…and I’d like to believe that’s what happened to Noah Syndergaard when he pitched for Binghamton today. He didn’t look like himself and was plagued with command issues, but he still got through five innings while allowing just […]

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Video: Buffalo Bisons Turn Three

An article by posted on September 2, 2009 0 Comments

While we were watching the Mets get pounded in Colorado last night, the Buffalo Bisons were busy putting on a good show for their fans in Coca Cola Field. Check out this video of the Buffalo Bisons turning a triple play against the Rochester Red Wings. The Bisons ended up losing the game 9-6 to […]

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How The Mets Can Hit Into A Quadruple Play

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So far this season, the Mets have lost a number of games in bizarre and improbable ways.  From failing to touch third base at Dodger Stadium to dropping a potential game-ending pop-up at the new Yankee Stadium, Mets fans everywhere have been forced to revise their “I’ve never seen that before” lists.  After Sunday’s stunning […]

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I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw

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What an unbelievable finish to the Mets game this afternoon. Jeff Francoeur ended the top of the ninth with a dazzling sliding catch that was originally called a trap (it wasn’t). Francoeur made a mad dash to the second base umpire and went ballistic, causing the umpires to confer and reverse the call which ended the […]

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